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Welcome to Treadstones Autofit - Tyres Leicester

Being one of the paramount providers in terms of car service as well as OEM spares dealer, our venture is to provide our customers with premium quality services. We acknowledge the fact that as a customer, getting the maximum return of investment for the amount paid is the first and foremost expectation and hence, leave no stone unturned in bringing to you standard world-class, masterful and on-time repairs and maintenance. Our team of highly skilled and robust employees put in all their effort and knowledge to provide long term accessibility and gives the ease of access to the contemporary automobile technology in the lesser-known parts of the country and gives the car owners an opportunity to make the most out of such inventions.

We, at Treadstones Autofit Tyres Leicester, are very well-versed with the importance and role that a tyre plays in our lives. We know that since it is the only point through which the vehicle can make contact with the road, therefore, one should never compromise with the quality of the tyre.

Following the same idea, we present to you tyres from the global leading manufacturers and brand names like Pirelli, Continental, Bridgestone, Dunlop and Michelin etc which have very-well marked their places in the tyre industry. To establish a trustworthy relationship with our customers, we ensure the originality and ingenuity of tyres from all brands and directly hand over the warranty to our valuable customers.

The maintenance and service routine of the tyres is given utmost importance at Treadstones Autofit and thus have numerous service stations for your tyre replacement and servicing. Along with all the other care and maintenance tips, the fact that the whole set of 4 tyres need to be changed completely when swapping between seasonal tyres is highlighted at priority. To make that process a hassle-free one for you, we even provide you with the best tyre-fitting service experience.

Catering to all your needs related to tyres and tyre servicing and maintenance, we make the whole process easy and effortless for you and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

The workshop at Treadstones Autofit is an oasis for all the activities related to servicing and maintenance. Coming at the most budget-friendly prices, the services provided by us are in sync with the assembly of after-market spares that we have. Following are the list of services that you can avail at our centre.

Wheel balancing and alignment
We recognize how important a properly aligned and well-balanced set of wheels is for your vehicle and its safety and hence, have high-quality balancing machines and supreme-grade balancing machine to ensure that.

Exhaust repairs
A glitch in the exhaust and emission system of your car can create a whole lot of problems for you. Therefore, we take it a very serious task to identify the minutest issue with your exhaust system and ensure that all the components are well-to-do.

Brake service
The brake system of your car is one of the most important components in terms of safety of the vehicle and need direct replacement without any repair. In accordance with the same fact, we stock the best existing brake spares.

Car service
The only way of having a long relationship with your car is by following a proper maintenance and service routine. The standard repair package offered by us includes all the basic checks to keep your car in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Most of the battery-related glitches that pop up in your vehicle are irreversible and hence need total replacement. We stock well-functioning parts from the global leaders of the industry.


We at Treadstones Autofit Tyres Leicester are a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians and follow the motive of providing the highest grade of services to our customers. Quality servicing and content is what we strive for in all that we do and there is no compromising with that. We very well understand and put enough stress on the punctuality of delivery and maximized return of investment.

You can now purchase your desired products at the ease of just a few clicks on our website with the safest modes and methods of transactions and payments.

Feel free to pay us a visit on any working day and for any further queries or information, connect with us via the medium of your choice.

Always happy to help!