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Driving in summer temperature without a functioning air conditioner can be a severe inconvenience. Just any other car component, your car's air con needs maintenance from time to time. A car AC comprises many components and maintaining or repairing it is a complicated process. So, bring your car to Treadstones for air conditioner maintenance.

Few tell-tale signs that your car AC needs attention –

  • It fails to cool efficiently –

There can be multiple reasons for inadequate cooling. A faulty evaporator or a defective compressor can lead to this situation. It may also mean your car AC is low on refrigerant gas and needs aircon regas in Leicester.

  • Foul odours from the AC vents –

Accumulation of mould and mildew in the evaporator or cabin filter can cause block airflow and cause inefficient cooling.

  • Water trickling from the dashboard –

A clogged drainage hose will cause water dripping from your car's dashboard. Blocked water can backflow and freeze in the evaporator coils and damage your AC components.

Have you been noticing any of these signs with your car’s AC? Visit our professional garage today to tune up your car’s AC. Our experts analyse all the defects in your automobile and provide appropriate solutions.

Most often inefficient cooling results from lack of refrigerant in your car’s AC system. The solution to this is an air conditioning recharge Leicester. An aircon recharge service comprises of complete removal of old refrigerant gas and replacing it with fresh gas. Let our professional do your car's AC recharging as it's a fairly complicated process and require advanced equipment.

AC recharge at Treadstones

An AC re-gas in our garage will comprise of –

  • Checking of refrigerant pressure in your car aircon
  • Vacuuming out the old refrigerant
  • Refilling your ac with fresh gas
  • Flushing out the oil in your car AC’s compressor

If the technician has been able to detect a shortage of refrigerant, it generally means there’s a leak in the system. Rusted tubes or worn-out rubber bushings in the compressor can result in refrigerant leaking.

Therefore, you should always follow up with complete maintenance of air conditioning in Leicester after a recharge service.

Other defects that a car AC may have –

  • Compressor clutch – It may fail to switch on or off the compressor according to the cabin temperature.
  • Filters – Clogged air filters in the AC can compromise its cooling efficiency
  • Frost – Leaking coolants causes frost build up in tubes motors and other parts of the system.

So, be sure to bring your car to our auto garage on time for a complete AC repair and avoid any future discomfort.