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Car repairing is one of our primary areas of expertise. We are renowned across Leicester for our above-par car repair services which are not only useful but easy on the pockets. Treadstones is committed to bringing quality car service to its customers most conveniently and affordably.

Before we go into the specifics, it is worth noting here that it is our team’s dedication and expertise that makes us the most sought-after car repair garage in Leicester. Our in-house technicians are proficient in all automobile aspects and have the technical know-how of complicated repairs. They have been in the field for decades and have carried over their experience for providing the best possible service in this town.

What do we repair?

There is no limit to what we can repair in a car. Our experts are well-versed in the nitty-gritties of every component of a vehicle, no matter how small or big. From simple valve replacement to complicated engine tune-ups, let our experts help you with the repairs as per requirements.


The most common issue that car owners face with their brakes is the wearing out of brake pads. It is not repairable and needs a replacement of the whole unit. We replace worn-out brake pads with genuine, high-quality aftermarket parts.

Sometimes, the brake fluid also requires changing. It’s a simple top-up process which our technicians can perform in less than 15 minutes. If the issue is with your car’s ABS, it’ll require some more time to diagnose and fix.


The clutch assembly consists of multiple smaller parts which work together to help you shift gears. Being one of the most commonly used components of a car, clutches are also prone to wearing out. We replace faulty clutch parts with OE quality spares.


A vast majority of our clients require exhaust service as emission laws are getting stricter by the day and even a slight malfunction of in a car’s exhaust system may have severe legal consequences.

The exhaust system is the largest component of a car stretching from its engine all the way to its tailpipe. There are multiple components like the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, oxygen sensor and muffler which may go haywire. We have an expert team who can diagnose the exact issue ailing your exhaust system and repair it accordingly.


A dead or dying battery is a significant issue which can potentially bring your car to a standstill. Batteries have a shelf life, beyond which it is neither safe nor feasible to use them. Sometimes their performance drops due to corrosion or other external factors. But more often, an under-performing battery indicates that it is nearing the end of its service life.

You may get a new battery from our garage as a replacement. We have an extensive stock of spare batteries corresponding to various makes and models of cars.


Scratches and dents on your car’s body are inevitable. Whether it is a gaping hole from an accident or a harmless scratch, it requires fixing, which is what we do. We have a section dedicated to bodywork repair where we also perform polishing and waxing.

Why Treadstones?

The reason that many people choose Treadstones over other garages is our customer-centric approach. We understand that time is of essence and put your priorities ahead of everything else. Our prices are also as customer-friendly as it gets. Contrary to what most people have come to expect, car repair Leicester doesn’t have to be expensive all the time.

Bring your car to our service station whenever it requires any repairs. Call us to schedule an appointment and stay away from the queue.