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There are many parts of a car that are DIY-friendly. Clutch is not one of them. It is an incredibly complex mechanism that connects the driveshaft to the transmission. In other words, it connects the engine to the wheels, engaging and disengaging them as you see fit.

At Treadstones, we get numerous clutch repair requests every week which our expert technicians tend to with utmost precision. We have assorted a team of master technicians who are well-equipped to handle any clutch issues with relative ease. However, a clutch issue is not something one can diagnose with a visual inspection. So, you’ll need to be attentive to the signs of clutch malfunction and bring it to our clutch replacement garage in Leicester immediately.

However, before going into the signs of clutch defect, you must first familiarise yourself with the main components of the clutch assembly for a better understanding of the problems.

Main parts of a clutch

A clutch assembly consists of the following main components:

  • Clutch pads
  • Flywheel
  • Pressure plate
  • Gearbox input shaft
  • Clutch pedal

Most clutches are operated either with a cable or hydraulic fluids. It uses friction to connect the engine to the transmission. The engine continuously generates power as long as it is turned on. However, certain operations such as changing gears require the interruption of this power to the transmission. The clutch performs this task by disconnecting the pressure plate from the flywheel, thereby killing power to the transmission even when the engine is active.

Every component of a clutch is primarily made of high tensile steel or Kevlar. Although these materials are highly durable and may last up to 100,000 miles with careful use, there’s always a probability of corrosion and wearing out. Since clutch plays a critical role in ensuring smooth and safe drivability, we advise our clients to get it checked at least once every year. With that in mind, we include a clutch inspection in our full-service package.

Clutch malfunction indicators

Apart from annual servicing, bring your car to our garage for the most effective clutch repair Leicester if you notice these signs.

  • Soft or spongy clutch pedal
  • Slipping clutch
  • Stuck gearbox
  • Difficulty in shifting to reverse
  • Screeching sound while applying clutch
  • Low or muddy clutch fluid

These are all clear indications that you need to visit our clutch repair garage in Leicester immediately. These are most likely the results of one of the following problems.

  1. Worn out clutch discs
  2. Leak in the hydraulic fluid cylinder
  3. Broken or loose cable
  4. Misalignment of the various parts of the clutch
  5. Air or other pollutants in the hydraulic line

We have experienced technicians who will find the root of any problem and fix it, and ensure that it remains that way for a long time. We use genuine spare parts for fixing clutches and other parts of a car.

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Treadstoneshas the required personnel equipped with the right tools to take care of any clutch issues you might be facing. Our technicians have decades of combined experience in dealing with these problems and understand clutches better than anyone.

Visit us today if you are facing any trouble with your car’s clutch. We make priority bookings via phone as well.