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A modern car uses the help of computer processors, microchips and sensors to regulate every internal function. All these electronic chips act as a reporting system. By employing cutting-edge software and sensors, it detects any faults in the engine and logs them as codes. Thus, next time when you see the “Check Engine” light on, don’t ignore it. Bring your car to Treadstones for an engine diagnostic Leicester.

We use the latest technology to test your car and ensure that you receive excellent service. A typical engine diagnostic at our garage comprises of –

  • System analysis
  • Visual inspection of related components
  • Pinpoint testing of each part
  • Component diagnosis

What does the CEL indicate?

When any engine component starts to malfunction, inbuilt computer on your vehicle assigns a trouble code against the problem and saves it. This ‘Diagnostic Trouble Code’ or DTC helps the technician to garner an idea about the issues. However, only a detailed physical test will be able to detect the actual problem.

Why go for our expert service for engine diagnostic in Leicester?

Modern cars use a system known as OBD-II (onboard diagnostics) to detect faults and communicate them. To do so, it relies on codes that are indicative of any possible defect. There are about 3000 such fault codes.

Now, the complication is, these are generic codes and only indicate the location of the problem. It takes the skills of a professional to be able to go to the root of the problem and fix it. That’s why it’s best that you bring your car to Treadstones in Leicester when you notice the CEL lighting up.

When you visit our auto garage for an engine diagnostic, one of our experienced technicians will go through the following procedures –

  1. He/she will attach an OBD scanner tool to the port of the machine
  2. The device will show the technician a list of active fault codes and what they represent.
  3. The technician will also gather information on the freeze frame data, software version number and sensor data.
  4. Following the collection of data, the technician will check whether your car’s engine meets all system specifications. Fuel system, exhaust system, ignition system, engine vacuum backpressure and engine timing will be checked.
  5. After that, a pinpoint testing of your engine component will be carried out, which includes:
  • Visual inspection of potentially faulty parts
  • Bi-directional control test
  • Mechanical and electrical tests.

Engine diagnostic service in Leicester

Visit our garage for the best engine diagnostic Leicester. We will repair what’s necessary and make sure your car is running at its best. Our service packages are flexible and customisable according to your needs. For the best experience, call us and book an appointment beforehand.