EU Tyre Label

A lot of our customers often ask us about how we decide the most suitable tyre for a vehicle. Well, we consider several factors like your driving habit, how you use your car, and how far do you commute every day. But the most important thing that we look at before deciding on a particular unit is its EU tyre label.

The tyre label is a standardised method of measuring a few crucial parameters of a tyre. You will notice three different parameters when you look at an EU tyre label in Leicester. These are fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise level.

Why is it so important?

These three factors are considered the three main features of any tyre. By understanding the tyre label better, you will be able to distinguish which product will be best suited for your vehicle. So, let’s discuss the different parameters of an EU tyre label along with its grading system so you can understand each product when you visit us at Treadstones in Leicester for a new set of tyres.

1. Fuel efficiency – This chart shows the tyres effect on your car's mileage in a simple ‘A’ to ‘G’ scale (‘A’ being the best and ‘G’ being the worst). Every tyre has a rolling resistance, which is directly proportional to the energy lost when it travels along the road. Fuel efficiency is calculated based on that rolling resistance; the lower the value, the higher its rating.

Tyres can affect your car’s fuel economy by up to 20%. That’s why you must check the fuel efficiency of a tyre before buying.

2. Wet grip – This shows the safety aspect of a car tyre on slippery surfaces. The wet grip is measured by a car’s stopping distance when it’s travelling at a speed of 50mph. Each grade (ranging between A and G) adds about 3m to the stopping distance of your car on a wet road.

3. External noise – The external noise rating is a measurement of the sound that your tyres generate when you drive your car over the tarmac. The representation is in the form of a numerical value as well as a three-wave symbol; one wave is the quietest and three waves the loudest.

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