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The exhaust of a car plays a crucial role in maintaining its emission levels. There are legal and environmental consequences if your car’s emission exceeds regulatory limit. Firstly, you won’t pass your MOT test, which will consequently render your vehicle un-roadworthy. Secondly, you may attract penal charges from transport authorities. Finally, your car will be contributing to environmental pollution, which the British legislation forbids under the Road Traffic Regulation act, 1984.

At Treadstones, we perform comprehensive exhaust service at the most customer-friendly prices. We ensure that the emission stays within the prescribed limits for the optimal performance of your car.

However, smoke emission is not the only trouble that you may face with your exhaust system. It is an extremely complicated component that is made up of various parts. There can be any number of issues with these parts. It requires the expertise of our trained mechanics to diagnose and fix those issues.

For a better understanding of what might go wrong with your exhaust and when you should bring it for a service at Treadstones, let’s look at each of these parts individually.

Exhaust manifold

The manifold is the first component of an exhaust system. It collects the fumes from all from all the chambers of the engine for expulsion. When something is wrong with this part, you’ll notice the following signs:

  • Excessive hissing or tapping noise from engine bay
  • Noticeable decrease in your vehicle acceleration, fuel efficiency and power output
  • Burning smell

Do not delay in bringing your car to our workshop under these circumstances. You will need an immediate exhaust service in Leicester.

Catalytic convertor

Catalytic convertors are responsible for converting harmful gases like nitrous oxides and CO into CO2 and vapours. A problem in the catalytic convertor results in the following issues:

  • Black smoke from tailpipe
  • Issues with acceleration
  • Rotten smell from the tailpipe

A fault in the catalytic convertor is a serious environmental hazard and you should get it repaired from our workshop at the earliest.


A muffler’s job is to dampen the loud sound that the combustion process generates. Look out for the following symptoms for a potential muffler issue:

  • Loud noise
  • A sharp decline in fuel economy

Apart from these vital parts, an exhaust system has an extensive network of pipes, any of which may get damaged or develop cracks.

Reliable exhaust repair in Leicester

Our exhaust service Leicester covers all these parts and pipes as well. It is performed by technicians who have remarkable expertise in this field. We use the most advanced tools for the purpose. Considering the high standard of our service, they are priced quite competitively and you can expect timely delivery of your vehicle after the service.

Additionally, we also service all other parts of the car and retail in tyres as well. So, you may get in touch with us for all your car-related issues.

Come down to Treadstones today and experience superior car servicing!