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We are an authorised MOT centre where you can take your annual test at affordable rates. Our technicians who perform this test are industry veterans and have over 25 years of experience in conducting the MOT.

The MOT is an essential service. It determines whether your car is road legal or not. It also ensures that all your car components are in working condition and compliant to the corresponding laws. It is, therefore, paramount that you take the test at a reliable centre like Treadstones.

We conduct the MOT for class 4 and class 7 vehicles. They are for passenger cars and commercial vehicles respectively. Allow us to elaborate on the main components that are checked during this test. You must maintain them impeccably for a smooth and hassle-free performance. You may avail our repair services beforehand to ensure that your car clears its MOT at the first attempt.

MOT basics

We perform MOT test Leicester for passenger cars following the guidelines prescribed by the DVSA. A class 4 test is for standard sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and LCVs.

The test is performed with utmost precision and in a timely fashion. We assure you that all the components that fall under the purview of the test will be checked thoroughly so that you do not run into any trouble, either legally or safety-wise.

We check the following components of a car during its Class 4 MOT check Leicester-

1. Tyres

  • Tread depth of over 1.6mm
  • Overall condition
  • Safety parameters
  • Size and damages

2. Vehicle Identification Number

  • Should be clearly visible and legible.
  • Should not be written in any special font or language except the ones prescribed by the Department of Transport.

3. Lights

  • Includes all the lights and not only headlamps.
  • Colour, fogginess and headlamp aim are the primary checking points.

4. Suspension and steering

5. Driver’s view of the road

  • Windshield should not have any crack in the driver’s area and not more than a 40mm crack on the rest of its body.
  • We also check the condition of the windshield wipers and washer fluid.

6. Horn

7. Seats and seat belts

8. Fuel system

  • Zero leaks.
  • Fuel cap should be fully operational.

9. Emissions

  • No smoke whatsoever of any colour.

10. Brakes

11. Doors

12. Bodywork

Our VOSA certified technicians will check these parts as per the requirements of the test. Apart from Class 4 MOT in Leicester, we also perform class 7 MOT, which is for commercial vehicles weighing between 6,600 and 7,700 lbs.

The parameters of these tests are similar and we perform both in a professional and timely manner. One of the primary advantages of taking your MOT test at our workshop is that we are an integrated service and repair facility. So, if you are unable to clear the test due, we can perform the corresponding repair and make your car fit for the road.

We also perform pre-MOT checks. If you book this service at our workshop, we will check the condition of all the vital components required to clear your MOT. If we find that any of these are not in an MOT-worthy condition, we do the necessary repairs beforehand, effectively putting your vehicle at a significant advantage.

Quick, efficient and affordable MOT Leicester

The MOT service of Treadstones is widely acclaimed as the best in Leicester. Our services start from around £30, making them affordable for everyone. We also offer post-MOT services for those who want all the services under one roof.

So, bring your car to our service station if you have an impending MOT test.

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