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Oil Service

Engine oil plays a crucial role in ensuring that the engine of your car works at its optimum at all times. Changing engine oil periodically is one of the primary aspects of a car maintenance routine. At Treadstones, we perform oil service as a part of our basic maintenance package. It is a quick and inexpensive process that you can avail at our oil change station in Leicester. We only use premium grade oil from reputable brands for the purpose.

You may have done an oil change numerous times without attaching the proper significance to it. However, it is crucial to understand what engine oil does and what happens when you do not change it at the prescribed intervals.

Importance of engine oil

Engine oil has three primary responsibilities.

1. Keeping the engine lubricated

The engine of your car is an assortment of hundreds of components, small and big, that come in contact with each other regularly. Engine oil ensures that the entire system is well lubricated so that the amount of friction generated in the process stays minimal.

2. Keeping the engine cool

The internal combustion process generates an exorbitant amount of heat. A diesel engine, for example, reaches 500-600°C during combustion. Engine oil keeps the combustion chamber and other additional moving parts from generating excessive friction and high temperatures.

3. Keeping the engine clean

Dust, corrosive substances and other debris are common occurrences inside an engine. Engine oil cleans the engine of these particles and keeps the engine clean and free from pollutants.

These are all critical functions required for the smooth operation of your car’s engine. As such, you must visit our workshop for an oil change Leicester whenever necessary, or your engine may break down and leave you staring at a massive repair bill.

How often?

The best way to find out the oil cycle of your car is by consulting its user manual. In earlier models, experts advised changing engine oil every 3,000 miles or 6 months. However, modern car engines are much more resilient and require oil change much less frequently. You may find the exact interval for your specific model in its owner’s manual.

Some cars even come equipped with an oil pressure monitoring system, which alerts you when the oil level is critically low through a light on the dashboard.

Oil change Leicester

For a quick and efficient oil change at the most pocket-friendly prices, visit Treadstones today. Our experienced technicians will first flush the system for any residual oil and refill it with a fresh batch of premium engine oil.

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