Performance Tyres

Performance tyres are an upgrade on the traditional, standard tyres. The performance variants allow a higher degree of control over your vehicle and offer greater steering response and cornering capabilities.

Our experts handpick the collection of performance tyres at our workshop. We only stock the most advanced models that would allow you a better driving experience. These tyres come with their proper EU labels attached. We try to ascertain the best ratings while keeping price and other variables in mind.

Almost every tyre manufacturer has a performance segment, which is sub-categorised into Ultra-High-Performance (UHP), Max Performance, Extreme Performance and High Performance depending on their construction and purpose. Tyre makers such as Continental, Pirelli, Michelin and Bridgestone have multiple options in every category.

Why choose performance tyres?

The popularity of performance tyres Leicester is ever on the rise owing to the enhanced driving experience that they entail. If you desire more from your car than simply travelling between Points A and B, performance tyres could make all the difference. They can offer you that extra grip which standard tyres are unable to provide.

Whether performance tyres are ideal for you depends on your expectations from your car. You should choose a set of these tyres if-

  • Precise handling is your biggest priority.
  • You want an exhilarating driving experience on the lines of racetrack drivers.
  • You do not mind compromising on mileage and tyre life for better control over your car.
  • You want to unlock the real potential of your sports or luxury car.

Why choose Treadstones?

Treadstones is the house to the broadest range of performance car tyres Leicester. We have products from recognised global brands which have been tested by our experts for quality and performance. Moreover, we also assist our clients to zero in on the perfect set of tyres based on their vehicles and driving preferences.

If you are on a budget, we have an enviable collection of budget-friendly performance tyres as well. You may browse our entire range on the website and order your preferred performance tyres online. Or, you may come down to our workshop and get a first-hand feel of these tyres before you make the final decision.