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puncture repair

At Treadstones, we offer express puncture repair service which has been instrumental in reducing the inconvenience caused by flat tyres in Leicester. We provide a quick and effective solution in real time. We understand how a flat tyre can affect your mobility and treat punctures on a priority basis.

There are mainly two types of punctures. The first is a slow leak which may take hours or even days to deflate your tyres entirely. Then there are blowouts which deflate them instantaneously. Needless to say that a blowout is potentially a more significant threat to your safety as it often happens when your vehicle is in motion and makes you lose control of your car.

There may be a third reason for your tyres to lose air pressure, which is the damage to the valves. However, strictly speaking, that cannot be considered a puncture, and as such, we will stick to the first two scenarios here. In both the cases, you must call us for your tyre repair Leicester.

Common reasons for tyre puncture

Of all the issues that your car may face, a puncture is arguably the hardest to predict. It can happen anywhere, at any time without the slightest of warnings. It makes preventing leaks that much more difficult. However, if you are aware of the common causes of punctures, you may employ some preventive measures.

  • Loose debris on the road, especially at construction sites
  • Low tread depth and overall poor condition of the tyre
  • Sudden and massive impacts
  • Damage to the valves
  • Improper air pressure inflation

Preventive measures

Even a solitary stray nail can potentially perforate your tyres and deflate it completely. While it is nearly impossible to prevent a puncture, there are ways in which you may reduce its probability.

  • Maintain a tread depth of above 3mm on all 4 tyres.
  • Try finding alternative routes if there’s a construction site.
  • Spray a layer of tyre sealant.
  • Employ puncture resistant strips on your tyres.

If all else fails, consider getting a set a run-flats which would allow you to drive for a few miles even with a punctured tyre. We have a massive selection of run-flat tyres in our inventory. You are welcome to browse through the range. However, bear in mind that run-flats cannot be repaired once they have been punctured.

Puncture repair at Treadstones in Leicester

We provide the quickest and most efficient puncture repair service in Leicester. Barring extraordinary circumstances, a puncture repair takes no more than 15 minutes at our workshop. So, the next time your tyres are punctured, do not hesitate to call us.

Our express puncture repair service will take care of it in no time.