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Treadstones is one of the principal auto garages in Leicester with a specialisation in all tyre products and services. Our garage is considered one of the best service stations in this region with years of experience in the automotive repair sector.

Tyre fitting is one of our primary services given its importance in the proper operation of a car. Our tyre fitting garage in Leicester has provisions for mounting any type of tyres on all kinds of vehicles. Whether you drive a sedan, or a coupe, or an SUV, our tyre fitting service won’t disappoint you.

Importance of appropriate tyre fitting

Expert technicians at Treadstones in Leicester put a great deal of emphasis on the importance of mounting tyres accurately. Several driving parameters are affected by how well your tyres are mounted on the car. You can spend hundreds of pounds and buy the most premium set of tyres, but there will be a significant lapse in performance if they are shoddily mounted.

There are many tangible risks associated with improper tyre fitting.

  • Wheel alignment and balance are adversely affected by the accuracy of tyre fitting. It will result in rapid and uneven tyre wear and ultimately shorten the lifespan of your car’s tyres.
  • There is also a legitimate risk of tyres detaching from the rims if they do not sit on the rim beads accurately. It is especially risky if there’s a forceful impact.
  • Rim and wheel damage is also a common by-product of incorrect tyre mounting.
  • The fuel economy of your car will take a hit.

Bring your car to our tyre fitting garage in Leicester and get your tyres mounted as they are supposed to. Not only will it save your car from these negative consequences, but also enhance your ride quality and road safety.

Experience the Treadstones difference

Our workshop is the go-to destination for all car owners in Leicester who want superior quality of services at pocket-friendly price points.

We have technicians who have the necessary expertise in mounting various kinds of tyres with absolute precision. We use state-of-the-art mounting machines for the process so that your car gets nothing but the best fitting services. Apart from regular tyre fitting in Leicester, we also specialise in:

  • Reverse tyre mounting
  • TPMS compatible tyre fitting
  • Run-flat mounting

These are specialised services requiring professional expertise and cutting-edge equipment. Bring your car to our garage today for a tyre fitting Leicester and drive home like a boss!

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