Tyre Tread

The treads of a tyre serve the vital function of generating necessary traction for driving. Hence, it’s essential to maintain the optimal tread depth at all times.

Although the minimum legally permissible tyre tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm, as per expert recommendation you should change to a new set when your tyres near a depth of 3mm. At Treadstones in Leicester, we offer tyre fitting service with high-level precision.

Importance of tyre treads

Studies show that as tread depth decreases –

  • Braking distance increases
  • Cornering stability decreases
  • Chances of hydroplaning increases

Tests by a technical organisation in the UK, MIRA has demonstrated that once a tyre’s tread is below 3mm, braking distance increase drastically. The difference in wet braking distance between a tyre with 3mm tread and the one with 1.6mm is almost 44%.

So, change to new tyres if your existing ones are near 3mm of depth. Visit Treadstones for cheap car tyres Leicester that will fit within your budget.

Maintaining appropriate tyre tread depth is crucial for a variety of reasons.

  • It’s a significant factor for passing the MOT test in the UK.
  • Multiple performance factors such as steering response, braking distance, stability depend on it.
  • A proper tread depth also enhances fuel efficiency.

Factors affecting tread depth

Many factors influence your tyre’s trade erosion rate. Wheel balance, wheel alignment, and your driving habits, all effects the rate at which your tyre’s tread wear. Wheel misalignment, in particular, is a potent agent of accelerated tread wear. It causes the following issues.

  • Misalignment in the toe angle results in feather patterned uneven tread wear.
  • Excess camber angles cause camber wear, which appears in the form of more erosion on one edge of a tyre’s sidewall than the other.
  • Incorrect caster angle causes an increase in tread wear rate.

Additionally, improper tyre pressure also has a negative impact on your tyre's tread wear rate. Overinflation will cause a tyres central ribs to erode more than the rest of the area. Whereas, underinflated tyres will wear more on the sides.

Tyre services at Treadstones

Are you driving with worn out tyres? Don’t continue to do so. Visit our garage to fix the parameters that accelerate tread wear. If they are beyond repair, you may buy a new set of tyres from our massive inventory. You can also buy tyres online from our website.