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Tyre Manufacturers - Bridgestone Tyres

At Treadstones, we often refer Bridgestone tyres due to the quality they assure. Did you know, that one in every five cars across the world uses Bridgestone car tyres?

As the largest tyre manufacturing company in the world, Bridgestone is a popular choice among customers. With 47 tyre manufacturing plants over 24 countries, this company has the best-in-class technology under its belt. Every year they spend around £300 million on research and development.

Few facts about Bridgestone tyres –

  • They were the first company to sell rayon cord tyres in Japan.
  • Bridgestone acquired Firestone tyre and rubber company in 1988
  • They have seven production plants in Europe along with research and development sector over a 32-hectare land.
  • Bridgestone has been a major supplier of tyres for motorsports in including Formula One.
  • Aircraft tyres is another of their product. Modern aircraft like Boeing 787 Dreamliner uses Bridgestone tyres.

If these facts reveal anything, that is you can never be wrong with your choice of a Bridgestone tyre. So, when looking for a new set of tyres, opt for Bridgestone tyres and visit our garage at Leicester to get them at a competitive price

Bridgestone manufactures tyres of all categories, including passenger car, vans and SUVs. You can also buy summer tyres, winter tyres all-season tyre of this brand from our auto garage.

Some of the tyre models that you can consider are –


These are winter tyres and features slanted grooves and 3D sipes. These grooves create a high snow-to-snow sheer force for excellent grip. Also, these tyres provide optimal steering response and high cornering stability.


The tyres under this label provide eco-friendly performance through high fuel efficiency and safety. Additionally, they have low rolling resistance but without compromising on braking performance.


These tyres feature high-level comfort, stability, that luxury cars need. Utilising cutting-edge technology, Bridgestone regularly works on improving these tyres.


Bridgestone's tyre under this label is for people who have a passion for driving. These performance tyres are Ideal for a sports car.

Have you decided which category of Bridgestone tyres is best for your car? Experts at Treadstones in Leicester will help you to choose the right tyre by considering your driving preferences and your vehicle.

Book an appointment with us today to buy new tyres, or avail the convenience of purchasing new tyres online, by visiting our website.