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Tyre Manufacturers - Continental Tyres

Continental is one of Germany’s most well-known exports. This huge corporation manufactures a wide variety of vehicular OEM, including powertrains, chassis components and tachographs. But perhaps their bestselling products are tyres.

Continental car tyres in Leicester are very popular. These products are available at our facility, Treadstones in Leicester, at extremely reasonable prices.

We also sell Continental tyres online besides retailing it at our facility. Continental’s products are available across the full gamut of tyres, including summer, winter and all-season wheels. This tyre major regularly features in the list of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers by numbers.

Why buy Continental tyres?

Continental was born in 1871, at a time when modern tyres as we know them were in their infancy. The fact that Continental tyres online in Leicester are still so popular speaks volumes about their quality and recall value. If you are looking forward to buying the best tyres in Leicester, here are some reasons for choosing this German giant.

  • Award-winning performance: For many years now, Continental’s products have dominated the headlines of automotive magazines by producing constantly improving models. Auto Express, one of the UK’s most widely respected magazines on cars, recently declared Continental as an overall winner across all 3 major categories: winter, summer and all-season tyres.
  • Unmatched safety: Continental tyres provide excellent traction and will assist in sudden braking of a vehicle. These models are known for their high-grade performance even in adverse conditions, like on wet roads. Continental has one huge advantage: since it sells tyres in most countries of the world, it knows the driving behaviour across geographies and designs their products accordingly.
  • Usage as OEM: It is not only German car manufacturers like Volkswagen and Mercedes which choose Continental as their default or OEM tyres. Most great car companies choose Continental’s products as well. Their high-quality products meet the demands that car manufacturers stress upon.
  • Leadership in R&D: Continental has led from the front where breaking automotive conventions are concerned. It was the world’s first tyre company to add grooves to their products. A significant percentage of the organisation’s $44 billion of revenues every year are channelised every year into better research and innovation. It is not surprising that they were the first ones to incorporate Tread Wear Indicators or TWIs in their models.
  • Racing successes: Continental has been involved in competitive motorsports ever since the term was coined. They have worked in tandem with most racing marquees like Ferrari and Mercedes over the years and have won numerous titles.

Buy Continental tyres from us

Continental car tyres in Leicester have been in the news for ages now. If you have been on a lookout for great car tyres, choose our service station, Treadstones. Our collection boasts all major labels currently available. Visit our website for more information.