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As the brand founded by the inventor of pneumatic tyres John Boyd Dunlop himself, this company perhaps has the most credibility and claim to expertise in the industry. Dunlop was founded in 1889, and since then they have been pioneers of innovation in the tyre manufacturing sector.

You can never go wrong with your choice of fitting a set of Dunlop car tyres in Leicester. With multiple patents under its brand, Dunlop tyres deliver best-in-class performance. That’s why at Treadstones, we recommend our customers to fit these tyres.

Here some of the factors that make these tyres so great -

Technologies that Dunlop tyres employ

  • Noise Shield technology

With Noise shield technology, Dunlop promises a total reduction of interior noise by up to 50%.

How does it work?

The technology uses an advanced polyurethane foam layer bonding inside the tyre, which dampens excess noise. Moreover, this doesn’t compromise a vehicles performance capabilities.

  • Multi-Blade System

Enables a tyre to perform at optimum in winter driving conditions.

How does it work?

Different kinds of blade design are implemented on a tyre’s body to enhance its traction on tricky wintry roads.

  • Specific Bead Seat System

It enhances driving precision and vehicle stability.

How does it work?

Using this technology the link between tyre and rim is strengthened. Thereby, you maintain maximum control and experience outstanding road feedback.

  • Runonflat Tyres

This technology enables you to drive your car even after a tyre puncture for about 50 miles.

How does it work?

A reinforced sidewall enables the tyre to support the vehicle even after losing air. Therefore, you can drive your car to a garage for repair even with a puncture.

So, do you want the best quality tyres for your car? Come to Treadstones and fit your vehicle with Dunlop car tyres in Leicester.

At our auto garage, you can choose from all varieties of tyres as per you're your requirements. Here are some of the Dunlop tyres models we keep stock of –


  • Fits as a summer tyre
  • Reinforced overlay material impart this tyre with high stability and steering precision even at top speeds.
  • Improved Aquaplaning resistance


  • Unique polymer compound makes this tyre fit for all seasons, as it can retain traction in both summer and winter temperatures.
  • Stiff shoulder area enhances cornering grip when moving in curved paths.


  • Presence of centre sipes, parallel to block edges, imparts this model with an excellent lateral grip on slippery surfaces.
  • Optimised weight distribution improves fuel efficiency.

Dunlop tyres at our workshop

Visit Treadstones in Leicester today to avail Dunlop tyres at the best price. Let our experts help you make the most suitable choice. You can also purchase Dunlop tyres online from our web store.