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Tyre Manufacturers - Falken Tyres

Falken is a stand-alone brand that focuses on Ultra High-Performance products. Also, they utilise their experience from the motorsport sector to bring innovation and development in their products. This company invests heavily on research as well.

At Treadstones in Leicester, you will get quality Falken tyres as per your requirements. Our collection of these tyres is both extensive and affordable. Come to our garage and let our experts assist you in choosing the best Falken car tyres in Leicester.

Why choose Falken?

Innovation and Falken go hand in hand. They have integrated their tyres with some of the most innovative technologies out there. With their research in the molecular structure of tyre, they have come up with Advanced-4D-Nano-Design technology. As a result, their tyres have exceptionally low rolling resistance resulting in fuel efficiency like no other.

At our workshop, you will find Falken tyres for all kinds of applications. So, look no further; opt for Falken when buying new tyres for your car.

Best Falken tyre models

Here are some models of Falken car tyres in Leicester you can choose from.


  • V-shaped groove pattern to increase groove density which improves water flow. As a result, these tyres have high resistance to aquaplaning.
  • Presence of a central middle bar provides high steering performance.
  • Multiple mini grooves with variable depth improve braking performance and ensure even tread wear.


  • 4 ribs of even stiffness across the circumference for improved water evacuation.
  • ECORUN label signifies fuel economy benefits. Low rolling resistance significantly reduces energy loss due to friction.
  • Ideal as summer tyres.


  • Miura Ori 3D sipe technology for superior performance on wintry roads.
  • 4D-Nano design optimises tyre tread erosion.
  • Pressure adaptive tread design enables the tread pattern to maintain an expanded tread area for optimal grip.
  • Improved sidewall flexibility for consistent handling response when cornering.

The best place to buy Falken tyres

To make it convenient for our customers we also sell Falken tyres online. Along with regular car tyres, we keep a variety of tyres for SUVs. Visit our auto garage to select from a wide range of 4x4 tyres.

At Treadstones, we also perform tyre fitting with appropriate measures to ensure that you get the best performance out of them. Moreover, we provide maintenance services like wheel balancing and tyre rotation too.