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As the 7th largest tyre manufacturing company with over €4000 million in sales, Hankook is undoubtedly one of the best brands of tyres around. At present, the company sells its products in over 180 countries. Hankook is also the official supplier of tyres for Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, a world-famous touring car series, since 2011.

Hence, when looking for new tyres, opt for Hankook tyres without any hesitation. To buy the best quality Hankook car tyres in Leicester, visit our auto garage. At Treadstones, we keep a variety of Hankook tyres in store.

Hankook tyres at Treadstones

At our workshop, we stock an extensive range of Hankook car tyres in Leicester. Our experts have individually vetted these tyres for quality assurance. We store tyres for all types of vehicles and driving conditions.

1. Passenger car tyres

Ventus Prime2

  • The tread design on these tyres has bio-inspiration behind it. Presence of Jaguar’s tooth-shaped grooves imparts secure and optimum road grip. This Bionic pattern design enables superior handling.
  • Presence of 4 circumferential grooves delivers maximum traction on wet roads.
  • It is ideal as summer tyres and offers a balance between sporty and comfort-oriented driving.

Ventus S1 evo

  • Combination of steel belt and high-density Nylon reinforced belt equalises footprint pressure distribution while cornering.
  • Longitudinal stiffness of tread blocks delivers superior dry and wet braking performance.
  • Unique tread groove design with a wavy and a straight profile combined into one three dimensional design for optimal grip

Winter i*Pike

  • Features a wide tread with a square profile along with stud pins on the tyre tread
  • Specially designed centre block, which consists of a series of ribs improves snow and ice traction.
  • Broad high-tensile steel belts enhance steering response and tyre tread longevity.
  • Run-flat technology allows driving for 50 miles in case of a puncture.

2. SUV tyres

Dynapro HP2

  • A high-performance tyre for premium SUVs with all-season performance.
  • Presence of 4 straight waterway channels resists aquaplaning. Along with it, it also has radial directional sipes that evacuate water effectively.
  • High-stiffness centre rib enhances steering response.
  • Unique silencer sipes near the edges prevent tread noise.
  • High-density polyester carcass along with broad double steel belts layer imparts better dry/wet handling.

Dynapro MT (RT03)

  • Ideal for maximum off-roading owing to multi-directional traction and high puncture resistance.
  • Presence of rugged side protection tread blocks, on the sidewalls and centre shields against protruding objects.
  • Undergroove protectors ensure maximum protection from external shocks.

Buy Hankook tyres now

Visit Treadstones in Leicester to receive assistance from experts when purchasing new tyres. We stock all variants of Hankook tyres for your convenience. Additionally, we provide all the services necessary for tyre maintenance. We also sell Hankook tyres online.