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Michelin has been one of the world’s most consistent producers of car tyres. This French giant has been in this business for more than 120 years now. It has been a trailblazer in terms of technological advancements as well as marketing strategies. Michelin car tyres are among the bestselling models around the world.

You will find most of their quality products at our facility, Treadstones in Leicester. Our facility stores all types of tyres the organisation manufactures- summer, winter, all-season and high-performance.

We also sell Michelin tyres online in Leicester.

There are several reasons why Michelin’s products are so famous. Here are some major points.

Why are Michelin tyres so popular?

Michelin was born as a small proprietorship company in France. Formed by two brothers, Edouard and Andre, the company originally used to manufacture rubber tyres for cycles. By chance, they discovered pneumatic tyre. By 1891, Michelin had a patent on the removable pneumatic tyre, which is what rides on even after 100 years.

Michelin car tyres are notable for their durability and versatility. They have many firsts to their names and are reckoned as a trailblazer for their marketing efforts. For example, the Michelin Man, or Bibendum, is universally recognisable. Michelin stars and guides are used by jet-setting global citizens.

But Michelin is still predominantly a tyre manufacturer. Here are some reasons why their products are so popular and why so many people buy Michelin tyres online in Leicester.

  1. Efficient navigation on tricky roads: Michelin has pioneered a variety of tread designs ever since its inception. It was one of the first major corporations to come up with modern-day treads used on slick surfaces. It was also the first one to introduce the concept of wider shoulder blocks on winter models.
  2. Motoring excellence: Michelin has won more races than most of its competitors. Together with names like McLaren and Brabham, Michelin has successfully dominated the F1 market too. It has also worked with the likes of Williams, Jaguar and Renault.
  3. Innovative nature: Some years ago, Michelin rolled out the Tweel, a portmanteau of the words wheel and tyre. Unlike standard pneumatic models, Tweels do not have compressed air and are immune to punctures. Polyurethane spokes connect the hub to the rim. These spokes also act as shock absorbers.
  4. Record-breaking achievements: Michelin has supplied tyres to the US Space Shuttle Program too. Currently the biggest tyre manufacturer in the world, Michelin has already gone places few companies have dreamt of.

Buy Michelin tyres from us

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