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Tyre Manufacturers - Nexen Tyres

A company with the patent for rubber/stratified nano-composite tyre manufacturing, Nexen no doubt offers one of the best quality tyres in the market. Their innovation and commitment to development are reflected on their company itself which is the portmanteau for next and century.

Treadstones is one of the largest retailers of Nexen car tyres in Leicester. We keep all types of Nexen car tyres like passenger, 4x4, summer and winter tyres. Visit us in Leicester when looking for new tyres.

We store Nexen tyres in all seasonal variants as well. You may choose all-season, summer or winter tyres from Nexen based on your requirement. Some of the most popular models at our garage are mentioned below.


At our garage, you’ll have the option to choose between these all-season tyres among numerous others.


  • Receiver of 2017 Korean Good Design Award along with the 2017 US Good Design Award
  • Performs satisfactorily in all seasons
  • Offers excellent comfort and low noise production


  • Four longitudinal grooves improve drainage and prevent aquaplaning
  • A straight central rib improves directional stability
  • Lateral grooves with wide tyre profile enhance wet traction

Summer tyres

The high temperature of summer requires a dedicated set of tyres for tackling it effectively. You may choose one of these tyres for the best performance of your car during summer.


  • A tyre designed with sport and ultra-high performance in mind
  • Three high stiffness longitudinal ribs for enhanced driving stability.
  • Large shoulder blocks enhance handling performance.
  • Features a fuel-efficient design

N Priz SH9i

  • Asymmetric tread design for better handling and wet performance.
  • High durability construct ensures protection from a road hazard.

Winter tyres

The snowy road conditions in winters make it tricky for summer or all-season tyres to perform well. As such, get a set of Nexen winter tyres from our garage for winter driving.


  • Features three-dimensional winter kerf for enhanced performance in snow
  • Zigzag grooves provide additional biting edges on snow and also enhances aquaplaning resistance.

WINGUARD win Spoke WH62

  • Zigzag-shaped grooves enable these tyres to bite through the ice.
  • Presence of spikes in the centre area enhances grip and driving stability.

Buy Nexen tyres now

To buy Nexen tyres at the best prices, visit our auto garage today. Moreover, you can also buy Nexen tyres online from our website.

Also, at Treadstones we additionally provide services that are required to get the best out of your car tyres. Some of the tyre-related services that we offer are-

  • Wheel alignment
  • Tyre balancing
  • Wheel rotation

So, head over to Treadstones in Leicester to buy new tyres and have expert technicians fit them to your car with precision.