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The famed Italian craftsmanship finds its full expression in a set of Pirelli tyres. Pirelli is arguably the most performance-oriented tyre brand operating in the British market. The tyres that we stock at Treadstones in Leicester are favourites among performance enthusiasts and regular drivers alike.

One of Pirelli’s greatest strengths is matching performance with aesthetics. Their tyres are not only some of the best performers on the road but the most aesthetically pleasing as well. If you are passionate about how your car looks from the outside, a set of Pirelli is just what you need.

Here a list of 5 of Pirelli’s premium offerings that we stock at our garage. You may buy these Pirelli car tyres in Leicester at the best price from our workshop and enjoy our excellent after-sales service.

1. P Zero series

The P Zero is Pirelli’s flagship model. A multiple international award winner, the P Zero is the perfect combination of performance, longevity and handling responsiveness. It is an ultra-high performance summer tyre developed with the experience that Pirelli has acquired in over 100 years of participating in motorsports.

Premium car makers have used these tyres as OE on their popular models like Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, Audi R8, Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT, Aston Martin DB9, and Mercedes-Benz AMG.

2. Cinturato series

The Cinturato series of tyres is Pirelli’s answer to carbon emission. These tyres have an exceptionally low rolling resistance that equates to considerably reduced fuel consumption and the resultant low emission. These are UHP summer and all-season tyres which offer great handling response with an impressive W and Y speed ratings and are low on noise as well.

3. Scorpion series

The Scorpion series is Pirelli’s signature offerings for SUV/touring vehicles. These tyres are integrated with Pirelli’s Green Performance technology which makes them high performance and fuel efficient at the same time. Scorpion tyres are robust in their build and outlast most of their competitors.

Buy Pirelli tyres online

For your next set of car tyres, why don’t you give Pirelli a go? Many automobile experts, including the ones at Treadstones swear by the quality of Pirelli’s tyres. You may purchase a set of Pirelli car tyres in Leicester physically from our workshop or online from our e-portal.

Call or visit us today for Pirelli tyres at the best prices.