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Tyre Manufacturers - Yokohama Tyres

Yokohama is a reliable tyre manufacturing brand that represents best of Japanese precision and innovation. The company was founded in 1917, since then it has grown into a brand with an outstanding reputation. Moreover, Yokohama is the official tyre supplier of the World Touring Car Championship and Japanese Super Formula.

Visit Treadstones to choose from a wide range of Yokohama tyres, including winter tyres, 4x4 tyres and summer tyres. As a company that supplies for motorsports, there is no doubt about their quality. So, if you have decided to go with Yokohama car tyres in Leicester, you can rest assured of their quality.

Why choose Yokohama tyres?

Yokohama has a rich legacy of producing superior quality tyres that have gained favourable response in the UK. Some of the attractive salient features of their products are mentioned below.

  • Yokohama regularly invests in technology and innovation to continually improve their material and quality of tyres.
  • Its tyres employ ‘silent tyre’ technology which is quite sophisticated. They use a 5-pitch variation design on their tyre treads, which restricts build-up of noise.
  • They have numerous testing facilities where they simulate all kinds of road surface. These facilities include 20 types of road surface and Japan’s largest skid pad.

Yokohama tyres in Leicester

At Treadstones in Leicester, we stock many models of Yokohama tyres from which you can make your choice.


  • Delivers acceptable performance in all seasons
  • Has an EU fuel efficiency rating of C to E
  • Low heat generation during operation


  • Original three-dimensional sipe design with a polyhedral surface which provides high performance on tricky snow covered roads
  • Rigid asymmetric design offers a balance between wet and dry performance
  • An EU rating of 2 signifies low noise generation from these tyres


  • These tyres are an ideal balance between sports and comfort.
  • Comes with an EU rating of A for wet grip
  • Has low rolling resistance
  • Comes with OE approval of Mercedes and is a perfect fit for their SL, SLK and CLS car models

Why choose Treadstones?

At Treadstones, we place our customer’s satisfaction as the highest priority. Our experts provide customers with guidance to help them to choose the right model. For added convenience, we also sell Yokohama tyres online.

Additionally, we also provide services such as wheel balancing and alignment and tyre rotation, as these are vital for the optimal performance of your tyres. So visit us when you are looking for a new set of tyres.