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Are you tired of the slow but deliberate loss of air pressure from your car’s tyres? Is it leaking despite having no leaks whatsoever? Well, why don’t you bring your vehicle to Treadstones for a valve replacement Leicester?

The valve in your car’s tyre is a tiny, but critical component. It regulates the flow of air inside a tyre and maintains the pressure. If damaged, it will keep leaking air and will cause the tyres to go flat. However, due to the minute and gradual nature of the air loss, it is often hard to detect.

How do valves get damaged?

Multiple things can cause a tyre valve to malfunction. For example, if you drive over a speed bump at high speeds, the sudden and forceful impact can disrupt its stopping mechanism.

Dirt or dust can also accumulate in its intake. That can block and build up pressure inside the unit, permanently damaging its seal.

Also, poor quality valve sealant often creates issues after being used for too long. Sealants can turn rigid under intense heat and pressure. Solidified sealant cracks around its edges and slowly leaks air from the valve housing. It can also damage the tube and tyre around the casing.

Quality of components at Treadstones

All our products are compliant to BS-811 grading. They are also rated to withstand -40°C for 144 hours. We also run them through strict quality control checks before stocking them in our inventory, which ensures you get only the best product whenever you visit our valve replacement garage in Leicester.

Why us?

At Treadstones, we have a team of expert technicians who will replace the malfunctioning valve in mere minutes. We also take extra care while swapping the unit, ensuring it is appropriately fitted and keeps working for the maximum possible amount of time.

Also, we use the best quality valve sealant that is available in today’s market. We reduce any chances of solidification by spreading the heat-resistant material evenly around the valve body.

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Visit us for a one-stop solution to all your vehicle-related issues. Our team of expert technicians will ensure all the problems are taken care of before you leave. We also guarantee the lowest repair fees in this town. Bring your car to our garage today. You can also schedule an appointment over the phone and jump the queue.