Van Tyres

Vans or LCVs are significantly different than standard passenger cars in almost every aspect. They are much heavier, carry a much higher load and run for a much longer time on average. It is for these reasons that van tyres are also considerably different from passenger car tyres.

You’ll find a complete range of van tyres at our workshop, catering to various facets of LCVs. These tyres are from different international brands and are fit for varying purposes. Some of the best van tyres Leicester in our opinion are mentioned below.

Michelin Latitude Tour

Michelin’s latest offering in the LCV segment is Latitude Tour. It is an all-season tyre which adheres to Michelin’s Green X standard of fuel efficiency. It employs the tyre giant’s MaxTouch technology which ensures a much longer tyre life. Not only is it low on carbon emission but also on noise emission thanks to its ComfortControl feature.

Dunlop GrandTrek PT2A

A low profile coupled with large rim diameter makes the PT2A an ideal fit for city driving. It gives the tyres an aggressive edge for tackling stop-and-go traffic. It is an all-season tyre which you can use even in light snow. Sleek and durable, the PT2A is a perfect value-for-money option for your van.

Continental VancoWinter 2

The VancoWinter 2 is Continental’s premium offering in the LCV segment. It is a studless snow tyre which combines long tread life with wet and dry traction. It comes with a 3PMSF symbol which indicates that it is fit to be driven in heavy snow.

Bridgestone Blizzak LT

The Blizzak series of tyres has gained nationwide popularity as one of the best winter tyres. The Blizzak LT is specifically designed for the heavy load carrying requirements of LCVs during winters. It features many of Bridgestone’s unique technology which allows it to provide exceptional traction even on heavy ice. The robust build of the tyre, supported by a two-ply polyester casing makes it an ideal choice for rugged plains and highways.

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