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Wheel alignment

Misalignment of wheels is not an uncommon phenomenon in the UK. It is widely prevalent but mostly remains undetected for a long time as it manifests with symptoms that can be easily confused with faults in other components. A recent study revealed that 7 out of every 10 cars in the UK run with misaligned wheels.

As one of the most common issues drivers face with their cars, we strongly advise our clients to check their wheel alignment whenever they come in for any tyre related service. At Treadstones, we have a wheel alignment section manned by some of the most experienced personnel in the industry. Our equipment is entirely in tune with the latest developments in the segment, and our prices are highly competitive. Rest assured, we are your best choice for wheel alignment in Leicester.

What is wheel alignment and why should you care?

Wheel alignment refers to the angle of wheels in respect to each other and the road. When a car is manufactured, all four wheels are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road. In other words, it means that all four wheels are straight and facing right ahead.

Problems begin to arise with regular use of the car. The wheels are subjected to opposing forces which throws them off their alignment. Rough driving and poor road conditions accelerate the rate of misalignment.

The major issue with wheel alignment is that it is hardly ever diagnosed in time. Drivers go weeks or even months without realising that their wheels are misaligned. By the time most of them come to our garage for wheel alignment in Leicester, most of the damage has already been done.

However, it doesn’t mean that misaligned wheels do not pose significant threats. It does, but the nature of these problems is such that they are hard to associate with a particular part of a car.

Let’s take rapid and irregular tread wear, for example. It’s one of the tell-tale signs of wheel misalignment. However, it can also signify any number of issues starting with suspension, brakes, or even the tyres themselves. That makes detecting wheel misalignment quite challenging for an average driver, which makes it a prudent option to get it checked by our professional technicians at regular intervals.

Types of wheel alignment

There are three aspects of wheel alignment.

  • Camber- It refers to the angular displacement of the wheels when viewed from the front. An inward tilt signifies positive caster while an outward tilt signifies negative camber.
  • Toe- Much like camber, toe refers to the angular displacement of wheels when viewed from the top. Depending on the angle of the tilt, it is either toe-in or toe-out.
  • Caster- The suspension system of your car employs a pivot in the wheel assembly to steer the car as you turn the steering wheel. Caster refers to the angle of this pivot to the vertical axis of the wheel. If the top tilts towards the front of your car, it’s referred to as negative caster and vice versa.

It is also worth mentioning here that many drivers tune their wheels a little out of alignment to amplify specific characteristics of their cars. It is most prevalent in the racing community. For example, drift racers tune their camber at 3-4° to maximise lateral grip.

For a regular driver though, we recommend maintaining a neutral wheel alignment Leicester for the most balanced performance.

Detecting wheel misalignment

Misaligned wheels aren’t the easiest things to spot for an average car owner. It takes the expertise of our professionals to identify issues with wheel alignment Leicester accurately. However, there are some subtle signs which a keen observer may notice in case of wheel misalignment.

1. Uneven tread wear

When your car’s wheels are tilted to a particular side, it will result in a more aggressive wear pattern on that side compared to the other. There are many issues that can result in irregular tread wear. To understand whether it’s an issue with the alignment, check out the wear pattern on the other wheel on the same axle. If they are similar, it is most likely an issue with the alignment.

2. Unbalanced steering wheel

If your steering wheel is off-centre even when you are driving straight, it points towards an issue with wheel alignment. You may also feel constant vibration through your steering wheel.

3. Car pulling to one side

Another vital sign of wheel misalignment is the car pulling to one particular side. The degree of pull varies with the severity of misalignment.

Best 4 wheel alignment garage in Leicester

Treadstones is a trusted destination for countless drivers in Leicester for performing their wheel alignment. We use cutting-edge balancing machines to accomplish the task accurately and promptly. You may opt for our wheel alignment service when you visit us for tyre rotation or when you install a new set of tyres.

Visit us today to avail the most amazing prices on all our car-related services.